Join a community of UX professionals committed to growing skills through meaningful conversations and structured peer mentoring.


OVercome Challenges Of your UX Career

Learning UX methods is only gets you started. Once you have a bit of experience, you find out that life as a UX professional comes with many challenges.

Meet in bi-weekly online sessions for structured peer mentoring to reflect on your challenges and your actions in them and find new ideas for tackling your blockers.

Discuss your challenges in meaningful discussions in a community forum. We are selective of our members to ensure our discussions' quality.

Find and share resources that help you grow your UX career while keeping a healthy life and career balance.

PRofessionals GROW

Grow skills

Grow your UX skills

Level up your UX practice by learning more than just the theoretical methods from members of our community. Discuss real-life experiences and find out what really helps you move the needle.

structured meetings

Structured peer mentoring

We take the hassle out of mentoring. 
Instead, structured bi-weekly peer mentoring sessions focused on finding new perspectives and tackling your challenges as a UX professional.

Uncover your strengths

Uncover your strengths

as a UX Designer

Letting your guard down can make you vulnerable in a competitive environment and market. At PEERS. we support and guide each other to uncover what makes us better UX professionals.


Focus on your career goals with accountability

Staying on track can be tricky, especially if you’re managing a team or leading a large project. At PEERS. we hold each other accountable for keeping our personal growth in focus.

money matters

Discuss UX salaries

Feel free to discuss sensitive topics like your current salary or negotiating payment increases. PEERS. is a safe space, and we keep things confidential.

share resources

Share UX design resources

Find articles, tutorials, and templates recommended by peer members you trust and who have actually tried them, rather than falling for yet another content marketing piece on medium.

No Place for Heros or Haters

Our peer members aren‘t here for fame or fortune. We believe in collaboration above competition. We invest in each other, grow together, and learn from one another.
PEERS. is an international community, and as such, we value our diversity. At PEERS. you’ll be able to connect with professional UX designers from across the world.

How it Works

We meet every second week for AMAs and structured peer mentoring sessions. Outside of our sessions, we discuss the challenges of life as an experienced UX professional in our community forum.

We have a cohort-based admission practice. A new cohort is granted access every second month.

PEERS. membership costs 49 € per month or 490 € per year if you prefer to pay in one annual installment.

You can cancel your membership at any time if you feel we are not providing sufficient value for money.

BEcome a Member of PEERS. UX COmmunity

Please fill out the application form so we can see if PEERS. is a good fit for you. We will review your application and respond to you within the next 10 days.

Please understand that we want to ensure our sessions and conversations provide the best possible value for our members and will, therefore, only accept applicants we already have suitable peers for. However, if you want to be reconsidered for a later cohort in case of denial, just let us know in your application, and we’ll keep you informed.

Once your membership is approved, we will invite you to join the next cohort of peer members.

We love PEERS.

We fully recognize that salaries vary across different markets and life situations differ even in a rather priveleged field like UX. In order to allow members with less financial freedom to join we will offer 6 months stipends for up to 3 members per cohort.

If you’d like to join PEERS. but are afraid our membership fee is more than you can afford right now just let us know in your application.

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